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Update #13
14th November, 2010
24 minutes, 1 HDV 720p video clip, 20 HDV caps
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Bailey presents a newer session under the water, hoping that all of her fans will be completely satisfied with it. As her body got used to the water's temperature she sank down until the bottom of the pool, closing her eyes and letting her mind wander somewhere pleasant. Bailey's fingers started to wander along with her thoughts, her hands slowly massaging her entire body. She imagined it was someone else touching her, someone who wanted to make her feel good and her hands traveled up, circling her breasts, giving them a squeeze. It felt so good she did it again, this time harder, more insistent. Another gasp and her legs parted, inviting her fingers to continue their exploration elsewhere. It didn't take long before she couldn't resist any longer, and she parted herself with her dildo, causing her hips to rock up in a mixture of surprise and relief. She grazed it again and her eyes flew open, the hand that was on her breast moving to the edge of the tub to hold on as her breathing quickened, knowing that was going to be the quickest way to reach her peak. She moaned as her dildo finally found her G-spot, and she knew what was coming. After a few minutes her orgasm hit, it was an incredible feeling.
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