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Update #14
24th November, 2010
18 minutes, 1 HDV 720p video clip, 29 HDV caps
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It was a sunshiny morning when Aletta woke up. She was on a business trip, staying in a hotel. Last evening when she arrived, she observed a scuba gear just beside the hotel's pool. She woke up early morning, and very horny. It had been almost two weeks, since she last masturbated. When she came downstairs in a short sexy dress to the pool, there was no one around. She knew that it would not be proper of her to masturbate under the water openly in the pool, so she decided to get in the pool fully clothed to cool off. She looked around to make sure there was no one approaching the pool. The place was clear, so she dipped under the water, closed her eyes and enjoyed the openness and vulnerability of her arousal. Her hands played on her body, giving herself a touch-up. Her nipples hardened like they had never hardened before, being wet from the pool. She had to use the scuba gear to keep herself under the water. Then she inserted her pink dildo into her wet pussy and started to masturbate herself. Her legs started to shake as she felt her orgasm build. The build up lasted about two minutes, then she exploded, her body shaking, her breathe heavy. She was so amazed at achieving a water pressure orgasm. That was one of the most intense orgasms she has had in a long time. It took her about five minutes to even come down from that orgasmic high. It was really intense.
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