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Update #12
04th November, 2010
18 minutes, 1 HDV 720p video clip, 14 HDV caps
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Nubira is well known for their awesome breath holding scenes and don't much care for masks, weights and hoses. She is practicing scuba/hookah for a while, and she loves it! The hotter the day, the hotter the pleasures under the water as Nubira acting in her last performance in this very erotic scene. From seeing her gorgeous body laying back on the bottom of the pool to her aggressive fingering and masturbating techniques all the way! No acting here, you can really tell she is having one of the great orgasms of her life and loving every single submerged second of it!! Finally, when she reached her orgasms, she is ready to remove her red dildo from her wet pussy and let it swimming away.
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